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Our qualified technicians are all licensed and equipped with the latest diagnostic tools required to look after your machinery.

When your farm machinery needs repair or maintenance, Traction AG’s dedicated technical service team are at the ready. Traction AG’s Electronic Diagnostic Tool (EDT) program offers a common platform diagnostic tool used to service all Traction AG brands. EDT is an in-field diagnostic program to help the technician accurately diagnose and solve a technical problem.

AGCO’s frequent advances in technology and design require regular training updates. The AGCO Academy provides coursework and training for our technicians, through the latest technological training techniques and instructor led training.

These customer based curriculums include the following Schools of the Academy:

  • School of Product Training
  • School of Technical Services Training
  • School of Advanced Technology Solutions Training

AGCO Academy’s student and curriculum control system establishes a hierarchical structure for course offerings. This system monitors students’ progress through the progressive levels of training, with recommended coursework based on their responsibilities within Traction AG.


Service Chargeout Rates
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Air Conditioning

Full product range servicing

Electronic Diagnostic Tool (EDT) – On board Computer diagnostics

Software Updates using EDT

Onsite or Infield servicing

Machine setup & performance