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 FENDT 933 G6 PROFI PLUS for sale -


The new Fendt 933 Profiplus Vario ??? Ready for more.With the new Fendt 900 Vario large tractor series, Fendt islaunching an all-new innovation that once again sets completely new standardsin the top performance class. The new models are tailored to the individualrequirements of large farms and contractors worldwide. Made for heavy tractive or PTO work, it is also suitable fortransport at up to 60 km/h. The low unladen weight of just 11.7 tonnes and theintegrated VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system makes this series idealfor work with low ground pressure and high tractive power. Thanks to itsmodular equipment with or without rear power lift, rear PTO, front PTO, and arange of hydraulic, attachment and power lift models, it is compatible with allcommon attachments.New powertrain: powerful tandems, low on fuel consumptionMAN 6-cylinder engine- 326HP designed for Fendt, witha cubic capacity of 9 litres and VTG turbocharger with variable turbinegeometry. The change interval for the M3677 engine oil has gone up to anunprecedented 1,000 hours. The Fendt VarioDrive powertrain builds up togetherwith the perfectly aligned TA 300 Vario transmission.The Fendt iD low speed concept, geared towards high powerreserves, is used in the 900-series for the first time. The nominal enginespeed is 1,700 rpm. During idle running, the engine speed is a cool 650 rpm.The Fendt 933 Vario reaches a top speed of 60 km/h at a fuel-saving 1,450 rpm,50 km/h at 1,200 rpm, and at 40 km/h the engine speed is just 950 rpm.The torque is distributed dynamically over the front andrear axle, depending on the ground conditions. The front axle is drivenseparately. The decoupling of the rear and front axle avoids tension on theroad and on bends and allows full traction in the field. Especially duringcornering, the tractor is pulled around the curve by the 'pull-in turn' effect.The result is a small turning circle with full traction.The further development of the Fendt 933 Vario includedimplementing the new Emissions Stage V (EU). The exhaust gas in the new largetractor is purified with an exhaust after-treatment system using a dieseloxidation catalyst, a diesel particulate filter and the popular SelectiveCatalytic Reduction technology (SCR) to reduce nitrogen. The MAN engine workswith a common rail system at an injection pressure of 2,500 bar. This highpressure optimises the combustion.Full connectivity inside and outside the cabThe tractor cab with all its controls, is the driver'sworkplace. With the new Fendt 933 Vario comes a new class of cab, the FendtLife Cab. Introducing the latest connectivity to display machine data from the900 Vario in realtime. With the basic 'ready' telemetry package, it has all thehardware you need to capture and send on the data for a variety of newservices.Fendt ConnectFendt Connect is the central telemetry system from AGCO???sFuse?? smart farming portfoliofor analysing and managing machine use. It reads,stores and evaluates machine data, sending data via the mobile network. Thisinformation helps you to manage your fleet wherever you are and optimise yourmachine settings.Fendt Connect offers two uses for the customer ??? it givesthem control of their machine data, and access to their dealer's services.As well as details about the machine's position, it alsocollects extensive CAN bus data from the tractor. On the PC or via smartdevice, the vehicle owner can retrieve a wide range of information, including amap view showing the position and driving route of the tractor, fuelconsumption, speed and working time of the machine, as well as machine use. Youcan also show error messages and service intervals.With the consent of the vehicle owner, the dealer can alsoaccess the machine data. A quick overview of upcoming service intervals andreading error codes makes predictive maintenance possible in the first place.The customer always retains ownership of their machine data. Operatingstatistics and agronomic data are neither stored nor transmitted. The entireprocess meets the strict regulations of the European General Data ProtectionRegulation (GDPR).For more details about the services available, please seethe Fendt Connected Services press release.
 MASSEY FERGUSON 7724 S DYNA VT for sale -


MF 7724 S -  Practical,straightforward and reliable  - 235 HPMassey Ferguson's MF 7700 S series tractors have beendesigned and built to meet the needs of professional farmers across all sectorsof the industry ??? livestock, arable, mixed and contracting.A comprehensive choice of power output, transmission, cabspecification, hydraulics and PTO variants means individual customers canspecify a machine that precisely meets their every needBecause we know that a tractor is a profit centre for yourbusiness The MF 7724 S is a profit earner in any sector ??? right from the veryfirst day. Efficient drive-lines, advanced compliance with the Tier 4 finalemissions standard, low fuel consumption, long service intervals, impressivetraction and lifting capacities together with low maintenance costs ??? the MF 7724S simply makes your farming business more profitable. And increasingly so withevery hectare that you workUltimate comfort for more productive working day Cab andfront axle suspension improves driving comfort while the coloured dashboardoffers better visibility throughout the working day and features the Setup& Information Screen (SIS) with ergonomic navigation method. A choice ofthree specification levels to meet your needs.Low cost of operation ??? Massey Ferguson SCR ???HighEfficiency??? technology provides low fuel consumption ??? Maintenance freecomponents ??? Easy access to daily maintenance ??? Increased maintenance intervals(600 hrs for the engineEfficient drive-lines bring higher productivity Proven Dyna-VTtransmission with Engine Power Management to deliver more power when it isneeded most. Perfect engine/transmission combinations provide maximum outputsStraightforward Fuse Technologies provide the latest userfriendly precision farming and management solutions. New optional Fieldstar 5terminal provides the latest user friendly Precision Farming Package ??? 9??????touch screen terminal created to provide a more intuitive and precise farmingexperience. ??? New Auto-Guide??? solutions provide economy by reducing overlaps. ???AgControlTM allows you to adjust the application rate on the go, whilstautomatically minimising overlap, skips and wasted product. ??? TaskDocTM createsand sends securely detailed records of jobs to the office. ??? AgCommand ??telemetry for fleet performance and usage managementAbility to work faster with most demanding implements. Up tofive spool valves to the rear and three to the front, including front linkage,and power beyond installation, plus a high lift capacity hitch. The hydraulic systemoffers the ability to work faster with the widest implements while increasingversatility.